Hello! I’m Ekaterina (or Kat), an NSF CSGrad4US fellow and CS PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania (as of Fall 2023). For AY 2024-25, I’ll be a visiting student at MIT EECS.

I’m interested in a combination of theoretical (CS and micro econ) topics like strategic classification, persuasion, and learning more broadly as well as some empirical work in Human-AI interactions. More concretely, I’m currently working on projects that involve

  • Activist agents and collaboration in strategic classification settings
  • Theoretical modeling of strategic + non-myopic agent behavior in recommender systems
  • Allocation mechanisms to strategic agents

Before my time as a CS PhD student, from August 2021 to August 2023, I worked as a full time researcher for Dr. Anna Costello at UChicago. Check out the pre-print of our paper on arxiv! I received a B.A. with majors in statistics and economics from UC Berkeley in May 2021 where I wrote my senior thesis about user-algorithm interactions using hashtags on TikTok.

In my free time, I like to try to spot opossums around my campus, try new teas, and participate in various media fandoms online.

You can reach me at my UPenn email: mySurname at seas.upenn.edu or find me on various social media platforms under some iteration of @ek8terina.